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  • Trefoil Empire 3 Lb

    SKU: 02111996 UPC: 756637211554
    Deep rooted, short-lived perennial, having finer stems and more leaves than alfalfa. Grows 12 to 30 inches tall, depending on whether it is a prostrate or erect variety.
  • Vetch Crown 1lb

    SKU: 02111942 UPC: 739088101544
    Crown vetch, a member of the pea family, is a perennial herb with creeping stems that may reach two to six feet in length.
  • Vetch Purple Bounty 50 Lb

    SKU: 02111950 UPC: 757000000000
    Both Purple Bounty and Purple Prosperity are winterhardy, earlier maturing hairy vetch varieties developed for high nitrogen fixation (up to half of a subsequent crop's nitrogen), increased biomass for a thicker mulch and earlier flowering for more flexibility in planting succeeding crops.