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  • Elite Gourmet Feeder 13lb

    SKU: 06636475 UPC: 879000000000 Model: 11765
    Clear container to view level of contents. Large opening makes filling and cleaning easy. Larger size designed to give pets plenty of room to eat. Wide base prevents tipping. Holds 13 pounds of food!
  • Galvanized Dog Feeder 25lb

    SKU: 06621212 UPC: 000000000000
    25 lb Chow Hound automatic dog feeders are manufactured from tough galvanized steel for durability. A specially angled chute provides a steady food flow on demand. The magnetized door stays shut until your dog nudges it open. Food stays fresh, dry and free from pests. Comes fully assembled.
  • Petmate Replendish Feeder Pearl White 18 Lb

    SKU: 06643140 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 24537
    Pet parents will love the timesaving convenience of the new Petmate Replendish Feeder and Waterers, and their pets will love the continuous flow of food and fresh filtered water they dispense.