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  • Christmas Tree Seed Wreath

    SKU: 06616195 UPC: 749000000000 Model: 1225
    For the holidays feed your birds with this wonderful Christmas tree. Made with nyjer seed, sunflower hearts, colored safflower, peanut hearts and papaya. Comes with its own hanger and will add a touch of the holidays to your yard this year.
  • Feathered Friend Birdie Wreath 2.25 Lb

    SKU: 06601330 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 775153
    A decorative way to attract a variety of birds. Ready to feed. Hang on door, deck, fence or tree. Store in a cool place. Ingredients include black oil sunflower seed, peanuts, safflower, red millet, gelatin. 2.25 lb.
  • Sunflower Birdie Wreath

    SKU: 06613525 UPC: 749000000000 Model: 1363
    Loaded with black oil seed it is the perfect gift for the bird lover in your life. The sunflower birdie wreath is packed in a gift box that is ready for any occasion. Packed with the highest quality seeds that the birds will love.